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                      The service network of Shanghai Hanbell distributed among the whole country is responsible for the service work of all products of Hanbell. Shanghai Factory, Nanjing Branch, Guangzhou Branch and Jinan Branch are all provided with maintenance plants in charge of the maintenance work of all products of Hanbell and provide the vast customers with high-quality and comprehensive service.
              Our service concept: fast, professional and responsible.
              Customer Service Center of Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery Co., Ltd.
              Customer service hotline: 4007702158
              Contact person: Mr. Fu
              Tel: 021-57350280-1505
              Service Network of Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery Co., Ltd.
              Kindly reminder: please move the mouse onto for detailed information about the service network of Hanbell.h.gif

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              SHANGHAI HANBELL PRECISE MACHINERY CO.,LTD. ADD:NO.8289,TingFeng Rd,Fengjing,Area,JinShan District,Shanghai TEL:021-57350280 FAX:021-57352004 Customer Service Hotline :4007702158